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Bilgin Semiz: (https://tr.linkedin.com/in/bilginsemiz)

Bilgin Semiz has a proven success record of sales and management at multinational companies like Apple and Microsoft with the capacity of strategic planning and vision setting. After 10 years of various roles at Microsoft, he joined the management team of Apple in Turkey as Deputy GM during the start-up of Apple in Turkey. He extensively experienced creating and re-structuring sales model and channel programs with very good understanding of channel like distribution strategies and structures, channel programs, loyalty systems, marketing programs and operations with breadth channel. He has been acting as a consultant since 2014 and under Ortaccs umbrella since 2015, as well as leading the successful business of Ortaccs.


Cenk Tuna: (https://tr.linkedin.com/in/cenktuna)

Cenk Tuna has a significant expertise in Public Sector and Government verticals of IT industry. After leading Microsoft Server Business at Arena, Cenk was hired by Microsoft to enable the business development capacity of resellers server business – both taking care of hardware and software. Cenk then joined SMS&P team to directly engage with Public Sector customers and during his time, the revenue leap-frogged significantly. After 10 years of Microsoft experience, Cenk has founded Ortaccs to directly serve his expertise to customers as well as start-ups. He is providing consultancy to start-ups who are focused in IoT and Industry 4.0 as well as leading the successful business of Ortaccs.